The core business of SLP – Studio Le Pera Commercialisti Associati is tax consultancy and assistance to companies, in particular limited liability companies, in the processing of ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Ordinary Activities

Through a team of great experience, SLP keeps the accounts and fulfils the periodic tax obligations of limited liability companies. The Firm’s professionals support larger clients’ administrative staff in ordinary activities through the organization of monthly webinars. SLP participates in processing financial statements and annual tax returns for all customers, e.g. VAT, tax returns and 770. SLP also transmits paperwork to the Chamber of Commerce and the Revenue Agency as an intermediary.

Extraordinary Activities

SLP assists its clients in the main types of extraordinary transactions (mergers, demergers, acquisitions and liquidations) and, with target companies, it carries out due diligence, company assessments and appraisals. Finally, the Firm assists its clients in all phases of tax litigation, from the tax authorities’ checks on the company to the defence in front of tax commissions.


SLP’s professionals advise companies on accounting, tax and corporate matters. Through the professional network created in 30 years of activity, the Firm can support clients even on legal, labour law and notary matters. SLP updates its customers on all news that occur during the year, including the essential information on calls for subsidized finance. SLP is also a reliable interlocutor when advice on business and management issues is required.